ArtPYLEN® modified polypropylene (PP)

ArtPYLEN® polypropylene is a versatile plastic with wide range of modifications. In many applications can successfully replace more expensive and heavier plastics.


  • low price, low density
  • low water absorption (<0,2%)
  • high chemical resistance
  • very good dielectric properties (insulative properties)
  • versatility of base polymer (from high stiffness homopolymers to high impact copolymers)
  • wide range of melt flow index MFI
  • low processing temperatures
  • drying before processing is not required
  • can be well protected against UV radiation (up to 10 year continuous outdoor work)
  • can be modified to obtain permanent anti-electrostatic effect
  • in many applications PP reinforced with 30-40% of glass fiber can replace PA6 with glass fiber


  • relatively low maximum working temperature (continuous work up to 100°C, instant work up to 140°C)
  • difficult to achieve V-0 flame retardant class (possible but very expensive)

ArtPYLEN® plastics contain lubricating (release) agent and antioxidants for processing stabilization. Most types can be colored in mass and subjected to following modification:

  • UV – protected against UV radiation
  • HR – protected against high temperature


(contains typical plastics, it is not full offer)